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Volume 6 - the Complete Set

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If you are a new Tail reader and you missed all of these OR if you just want a pristine set of Volume 6 for your collection, you can get them here for a limited time.  Get them now because once sold out, they are gone.  We currently have no plans for any second printings of our publications.

Issue 37 
Chico Fernandez
Mark Hatter: Turks & Caicos
Pete Barrett: Autumn
Captains for Clean Water
Pollock on the Fly
Stripers on Top Water

Issue 38

    Vaughn Cochran
    Mile Marker Zero Poon
    DIY – the Process
    Sargassum Shrimp
    Homer Rhode Jr
    Wedding Day Permit
    Skinny Habit

    Issue 39

    Joe Doggett
    Tom Gilmore
    Pete Barrett
    Platinum Blonde
    Joe Brooks
    Cochran’s Shrimp

    Issue 40

    Joseph Albanese
    Pete Barrett
    Michael Larkin Ph.D
    Ed Mitchell
    Jeffrey Marshall
    George Roberts
    David Paul Williams

      Issue 41

      Tarpon Migration
      Them Cheatin’ Trigs
      Perfect Imperfection - Dwight Hwang
      Linesiders – The Dark Side of Bridge Fishing
      Gallasch Skipping Bug
      Birds as Scouts
      Demystification of Permit
      Scott Sommerlatte

        Issue 42

        Tarpon Lifecycle
        Eating Cape Cod
        Faraway Keys, Honduras for Permit
        Tropic Star with Stu Apte
        1959 – Bonefish: Ghosts of the Shallows
        Sommerlatte’s Gear guide
        Permit flies ITB
        Become a Belonger


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