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Saltwater Fly Casting Video & Subscription

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Saltwater Fly Casting: 10 Steps to Distance and Power
with George V. Roberts Jr

90-Minute Instructional DVD and Booklet

Originally produced in 1998, the first part of this 90-minute video makes full use of slow-motion, stop-action, and graphics to present you with a clear analysis of the essentials of distance fly casting. The second part of the program contains ten comprehensive lessons you can use to teach yourself to cast longer and more powerfully–step by step and at your own pace. Everything from perfecting the back cast to perfecting the double haul is detailed. The last two lessons show you how to deal with wind and how to cast sinking lines and weighted flies. The disc is supplemented with a 41-page manual. This information-packed program is a valuable learning tool for all students of fly casting, advanced as well as beginner.

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